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NicoleEstablished in 1993, Krisling OÜ has always aimed to produce upholstered furniture in true Nordic style – furniture that is both functional and modern as well as comfortable and durable. Those who admire the more classic style, can also find their favourites from our product range.

Many years of collaboration with various Estonian designers and architects has helped us to achieve our goals. These important partnerships have lead to creation of several contemporary and exciting interior designs in Estonia as well as in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

Armchair and sofas, designed by Krisling, are the core of our products. Krisling OÜ has satisfied clients from Scandinavia to Europe, owing its reputation to fine design, and production of comfortable, durable furniture. Our products have been exported widely and exports have formed the bulk of our trade over the past ten years. Since 2000, our upholstered furniture has been showcased on IMM Cologne with the support from Enterprise Estonia.

Estonian customers can view our products at Tallinn furniture and interior decoration fairs. Some of our products can also be found in well-known furniture department stores also presented in Estonia such as ASKO, Sotka and Diivaniparadiis.

Thanks to our long-term experience and cooperation with designers and architects, we can promptly introduce new products and offer custom solutions with our flexible team. We can also find a suitable solution to even the most original request or dream of our clients.

The long lifespan of our products is ensured by the professional and sophisticated production process and the carefully selected materials that we use. Our high level of experience allows us to achieve these high standards. Frames and paddings are made from the highest quality materials from carefully-selected sources.

Frames are compiled of plywood and solid wood. Paddings are made from high-quality foam, produced using novel techniques, from the Finnish producer Espe.

Interior matching cover materials can be chosen from our wide range of fabrics and leathers. Our partners include well known Nordic fabrics companies such as Nevotex, Lauritzon,Orient-Occident, as well as reputable fabric producers in Italy and Spain. Some of our budget range of fabrics are sourced in Lithuania (Audejas). Leather is supplied from Italy. Fabrics with special treatment, such as dirt-proof and fire-proof treatment, are also acquired from several of these fabrics producers. Also latest innovations from nanotechnology are available.

We offer a two-year warranty to all of our products.


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